ADDED 8/01/2023 - 8/15/2023

563 Items Added
Plenty of type coins to satisfy any collectors, high end items, nice toners, and over a hundred medals and tokens.

ADDED 5/17/2023 - 6/21/2023

765 Items Added
Our largest update yet! Plenty of material across the board, Type Coinage, Nice Toners, Certified Coins Galore, and much more!

ADDED 3/2/2023 - 3/3/2023

111 Items Added
Large Cents, Capped Bust Half Dimes, Certified Roosevelt Dimes, Seated Liberty Quarters, Capped Bust and Seated Liberty Half Dollars, and Morgan Dollars including a Proof!

ADDED 1/30/2023 - 2/24/2023

279 Items Added
A wide variety of U.S. Coins including better U.S. Type Coins

ADDED 1/9/2023 - 1/11/2023

58 Items Added
A Small Assortment of Better Material

ADDED 10/19/2022 - 11/10/2022

365 Items Added
Major U.S. Types featured, better grade examples throughout with some attractively toned pieces, plenty of Peace Dollars, special Franklin Mint commemorative medals, and a fresh batch of Civil War tokens

ADDED 9/01/2022 - 9/28/2022

452 Items Added
Several Types represented including better regular issue coins, certified Silver Eagles, better Exonumia, a full Hawaii set, and new sections for Alaska and Medallic Art Company materials, divided over seven sections

ADDED 6/28/2022 - 8/02/2022

365 Items Added
Selections of Copper Coinage, a host of Certified Coinage, rarer Bust and Seated specimens, and better Exonumia

ADDED 6/01/2022 - 6/10/2022

334 Items Added
Choice Examples of Early Copper, Toned Proofs of 1951 on, A Dealer's Choice Collection of Superb Gem Clad Quarters, Excellent Morgan Dollars including a Gem 1904-O in MS-67, High Grade Commemoratives and Rare Hard Times Tokens

ADDED 05/03/2022

103 Coins: Large Cents through Quarters

Pictures Added 05/17/2022

ADDED 05/03/2022

92 Half Dollars, Classic Commemoratives, Dollars (Other than Morgans), California Fractional Gold and Sovereign Nation Silver Coins

Pictures Added 05/18/2022

ADDED 05/03/2022

133 Morgan Silver Dollars

Pictures Added 05/23/2022

ADDED 03/28/2022

166 US Coins and Tokens, All Denominations, Many Types

Pictures Added, 04/29/2022

ADDED 02/15/2022

22 Certified Coins Added (Prices Added 02/17/2022)

25 Certified Coins (Added 02/18/2022)

7 Certified Liberty Walking Half Dollars (Added 03/21/2022)

7 Certified Morgan Dollars (Added 03/23/2022)

ADDED 02/14/2022

77 Coins Added

ADDED 1/26/2022


200 Coins Added

ADDED 1/17/2022

183 Coins Added



ADDED 10/30/2021

18 Coins Added

ADDED 10/23/2021
48 Coins Added

ADDED 10/21/2021

60 Coins Added

ADDED 10/4/2021

187 Misc. Certified Coins Added
ADDED 9/3/2021
38 Misc. Certified Coins Added
ADDED 8/31/2021
70 Certified Washington Quarters Added
ADDED 9/1/2021
199 Coins Added, Cents to Dollars
ADDED 8/31/2021
54 Indian Cents Added

ADDED 7/3/2021 - 8/7/2021
133 Items Added
Kennedy Half Dollars, Commemoratives, Seated Liberty Quarters, Standing Liberty Quarters, Washington Quarters, Barber Dimes, Indian Head Cents, Lincoln Head Cents, Mercury Dimes, Liberty Head Nickels, Seated Liberty Half Dime, Buffalo Head Nickels, Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Young Head Large Cents

ADDED 4/23/2020 - 4/28/2020

100 Items Added
Early Copper, Mint State Indian Cents, Buffalo Nickels with an 1918/7-D, Better Lincoln Cents with ANA Photo Certificates, O-Mint Seated Liberty Halves, Proof Franklin Halves, and bonus Silver Dollars

ADDED 2/09/2021 - 4/01/2021

840 Items Added
Hundreds of items spanning nearly all types of United States coins from Large and Small Cents to minor silvers, and fantastic sets of Early Half Dollars and Early Commemoratives.

ADDED 3/04/2020 - 3/20/2020

103 Items Added
Early Copper, Several 1864-L Indian Head Cents with varieties, Bust and Seated Silver Coinage, a Nearly Complete Set of Standing Liberty Quarters, Morgan and Peace Dollars, and a Pair of Illinois Masonic Tokens

ADDED 2/03/2020 - 2/06/2020

63 Items Added
A Nice 1810 Large Cent, Major Error Lincoln Cents, Better Seated Halves, Better Morgan Dollars, and Frank Gasparro's series of Statue of Liberty Medals

ADDED 1/06/2020 - 1/21/2020

147 Items Added
Colonial Coinage, Type Coinage, Certified Modern Commemorative Half Dollars, and Exonumia!

ADDED 9/12/2019 - 10/01/2019

261 Items Added
Colonial Coinage, Type Coinage, and Exonumia!

ADDED 8/06/2019 - 8/15/2019

80 Items Added
Indian Cents, Bust Dimes, Seated Liberty Coinage, Morgan and Peace Dollars, and Town Medals
Debuting a new photography technique!

ADDED 6/18/2019 - 6/25/2019

78 Items Added
A great selection of High End Type Coins! Including a Pine Tree Shilling, High Grade Colonials, Proof Type Coins, a nearly complete Certified set of Standing Liberty Quarters, Commemoratives, and Rare Medals

ADDED 4/16/2019 - 4/26/2019

278 Items Added
Colonials, Higher End Type Coins, Many Certified Coins, and Fantasy Tokens

ADDED 3/21/2019 - 3/22/2019

81 Items Added
Excellent Type Coins and Civil War Storecard Tokens

ADDED 2/20/2019 - 2/27/2019

152 Items Added
High Grade Indian and Lincoln Cents, a few other bonuses

ADDED 1/9/2019 - 1/11/2019

133 Items Added
Certified Proof Lincoln Cents, Fantastic Error Coins, and a complete series of Proof Franklin Halves

ADDED 11/07/2018 - 11/17/2018

207 Items Added
Buffalo Nickels and 1844 Silver Dollars and plenty of So-Called Dollars

ADDED 9/28/2018 - 10/11/2018

434 Items Added
A Little Bit of Everything! Copper Coinage, Nickel Coinage with Key Dates, Silver Coinage with Key Dates.
Split into Multiple Groupings.

ADDED 8/27/2018 - 8/28/2018

79 Items Added
Hosting dozens of Seated Liberty Dimes!

ADDED 8/04/2018 - 8/21/2018

449 Items Added
Including Early American Coppers, Mint State Certified Indian Cents, Rainbow Toned Jefferson Nickels, Bust and Seated Silver Denominations, A Proof Trade Dollar, Quality Morgans, and plenty of So-Called Half Dollars and Masonic Tokens, and Error Coins

ADDED 6/20/2018 - 7/03/2018

352 Items Added
Adding Early American Copper and Silver, Proof Copper-Nickel Three Cents, DMPL Morgans, Capped Bust and Seated Silver Denominations, Commemoratives, Medals, and Tokens
Date of last update: 06/21/2023