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45 ITEMS ADDED 9/01/2022 - 9/30/2022

Obverse Reverse Inv Num Date Topic Comments Grade Value $
92350 R 1910s Masonic Penny "T" in Triangle Very Fine $20.00
92351 R 1910s Masonic Penny "T" in Triangle Very Fine $20.00
92352 R 1930s Masonic Penny Mount Horeb Royal Arch Charter #5826
Lowell, MA
Very Fine $20.00
92328 R 1938 Masonic Penny So. San Antonio, Texas
Chapter #444 R.A.M
Extremely Fine $35.00
90032 H R
1916 (2000) Fantasy Token - Standing Liberty Quarter Pattern Hermon McNiel Pattern Design
Deep Cameo
ANACS Certificate 0400216010400243
Proof-67 DCAM $105.00
92445 R 1862 Replica Coin - Confederate Half Dollar Confederate States of America Extremely Fine $15.00
92357 R 1890s Miscellaneous Brass Token Celluloid Starch Company
"One Package...Free or 3 for 20 Cents"
New Haven, Connecticut
Fine $20.00
92450 R 1900s Miscellaneous Bronze Token Philadelphia Bulletin Newspaper
Over 500,000 Daily
"The Bulletin Wishes You Good Luck"
Extremely Fine $25.00
92349 R 1909 Miscellaneous Bronze Token Lincoln Centennial American
Sunday American
Very Fine $20.00
92454 R 1909 Miscellaneous Bronze Token Hudson & Fulton Celebration, New York Holed, Extremely Fine $20.00
92466 R 1910s Military Medal Grand Army of the Republic Veteran Star Extremely Fine $12.00
92456 S
1917 Miscellaneous Bronze Medal Catskill Aqueduct Completion
(Ebay - $2,100, Stack's - $1,400)
Extremely Fine $750.00
92355 R
1920s White Metal Medal The Elgin National Watch Company of Elgin, Illinois
Certified Raymond Lever Movement
About Uncirculated $45.00
92359 R 1920s White Metal Medal Maja, Goddess of Magic Extremely Fine $20.00
92452 R 1920s Good For Token Camay Toilet Soap
"3 Cakes for 15¢"
Procter & Gamble
Very Fine $18.00
92455 R
1920s Miscellaneous Bronze Medal The Poor Richard Club, Philadelphia, PA
Maxwell & Berle
MS-63 $60.00
92361 R 1925 Miscellaneous Token - Watch Fob, Bag Fob Public Golf Course
Fairmount Park, Philadelphia
Extremely Fine $45.00
92448 R
1925 Miscellaneous Copper-Nickel Token Battle of Lexington Sesquicentennial
"What a Glorious Morning for America"
MS-63 $40.00
92441 R 1926 Miscellaneous Bronze Token Wise Sanitarium for Incurables
One Dollar Contribution
"Luck for a Buck"
Extremely Fine $15.00
92440 R 1929 Miscellaneous Bronze Token Casimir Pulaski
Polish-American Patriot
MS-63 $18.00
92348 R 1930s Miscellaneous Good Luck Token Whitehead & Hoag Extremely Fine $40.00
92354 R 1930s Aluminum Medal Kellogg's Cadet Aviation Holed, Very Good $15.00
92356 R 1930s Miscellaneous Brass Token Old Lane Inn, West Bowling Extremely Fine $15.00
92363 R 1930s Miscellaneous Token - Pinback Advertising Seafood Packers Inc.
Provincetown, MA
Very Fine $75.00
92444 R 1930s Miscellaneous Aluminum Token Cracker Jack Mystery Coin
Warren G. Harding
Extremely Fine $25.00
92451 S
1930s Good For Token Mt. Pleasant Supply Co., Pennsylvania
"Good for One Stick of Permissible Explosive"
Only ONE Known
Extremely Fine $175.00
92453 R 1930s Miscellaneous Bronze Token "Paul Wagner's Lucky Piece W. Pay, 6:00 P.M.Daily"
Pure Oil Dealers
Portsmouth, RI
MS-63 $15.00
92346 R
1930 Town Medal Massachusetts Bay Tercentenary
Codfish, Pilgrim
Bril. Uncirculated $25.00
92447 R
1930 Miscellaneous Copper-Nickel Token Admiral Richard Byrd
Byrd Antarctic Expedition
MS-63 $40.00
92344 R
1932 Miscellaneous Brass Token Washington's Birthplace MS-64 $35.00
92345 R
1932 Miscellaneous Brass Token Washington's Birthplace MS-64 $35.00
92353 R 1933 Elongated Cent World's Fair, Chicago About Uncirculated $15.00
92437 R 1933 Miscellaneous Bronze Token $2.50 Kelly Credit
"On Any $25.00 Purchase or Over"
MS-63 $18.00
92446 R
1933 Miscellaneous Aluminum Token Society of Stoopnocracy
"This is the Other Side"
About Uncirculated $35.00
92438 R 1936 Miscellaneous Bronze Token Westinghouse Golden Jubilee
The New Standard of Refrigerator Value
MS-63 $15.00
92439 R 1936 Miscellaneous Bronze Token Westinghouse Golden Jubilee
The New Standard of Refrigerator Value
MS-63 $15.00
92442 R 1949 Miscellaneous Bronze Token Rhode Island Pharmaceutical Association
Mortar & Pestle
MS-63 $20.00
92347 R 1957 Miscellaneous Brass Token Bank of the Southwest, Houston MS-64 $25.00
92358 R 1960s Miscellaneous Brass Token Wishing Well
$1.00 in Trade
Ivanhoe, Chicago, Illinois
Extremely Fine $15.00
92248 R 1968 Miscellaneous Brass Medal United California Bank
Corona, California
About Uncirculated $20.00
92250 R
1968-1972 Miscellaneous Aluminum Token W. H. Foster, Inc.
With names
Face Value 50¢
MS-65 $40.00
92249 R 1979 Miscellaneous Gambling Token Las Vegas Maxim Casino
One Dollar Gaming Token
MS-63 $35.00
92449 R 1980s Miscellaneous Bronze Token N. Ferrara Inc.
Rolling Mills and Slitting Lines Specialties
Seekonk, MA
MS-63 $15.00
92362 R 1990s Miscellaneous Token - Gambling Silver City Casino, Las Vegas Very Fine $20.00
92360 R 1994 Miscellaneous Brass Token Israel-Palestine Peace Accord MS-64 $10.00
92251 R Not Dated Miscellaneous Charge Coin Horace Partridge Sporting Goods, Boston, MA
No. C-697
About Uncirculated $30.00
Date of last update: 09/01/2022