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These cards are produced by union tradesmen, mostly the IPPDS&E Union.
The cards are usually related to union activities, but also used for philatelic
and other shows to promote the craft and raise funds.

The prices listed here are from the Brookman Catalog or similar reference.
Please check pricing information on the previous page for discounts off
these prices. All items are in near mint condition unless listed.

Numbering is "F" + date + letter designation for same year production.

Image Number Unknown Cards Price



F1973Ak From American Bank Note Company.
Best Wishes with tickets & Progress vignette.
11 x 8.5 inches
F1973B "Four Statues" of Washington, D. C. with seven lines of text.
IPPDS&E 75th Convention. 11 x 8.5 inches


F1975Aa $3 Lewiston Falls Bank note engraved in 1854.
IPPDS&E 76th Convention. 10 x 8 inches.
3,000 produced.
F1975Ab Washington, Dec. of Independence (micro) plus Jefferson & Franklin
IPPDS&E 76th Convention. 8 x 10 inches.
You can use a mangnifying lens to read the text.
F1975Da IPPDS&E Union 76th Convention. This is the cover only (F1987Da)
We do not have complete folder, so individual Intaglio engravings follow.
Click on thubnail to see larger scan.

c. Best Wishes page
d. Stat. of Liberty e. Paul Revere
f. Storming Stonypoint
$50.00 each
F1979B "Snipes" Miss Liberty rising from the clouds. Maroon text.
IPPDS&E, 2,500 issuesd. 11 x x8.125 inches.
F1981B Embarkation of the Pilgrims proposed $2 note.
IPPDS&E 79th Convention. 11 x 8.5 inches
F1982A NSAPEX 1982. IPPDS&E.
Pledge of Allegence on flag with Eagle at bottom.
8 x 10 inches
F1982B Balpex 1982, Great Seal card (PV-400) embossed for Balpex.
Washington Plate Printers Union.
We have multiple copies. The one illustrated has some discoloration from age.
F1983A North Berwick Bank $1.00 Note.
IPPDS&E Union 80th Convention, Local New York, NY.
10 x 8 inches.


Cover folder from IPPDS&E 80th Convention.
Click here to see back(F1983Bh)
F1983Bg From IPPDS&E 80th Convention.
This set of vignettes is printed on quality paper. 8 x 10 inches.
It is identical to the image included inthe American Bank Note Company Annual Report 1976 which was printed on Opaline paper.
F1983C Medal of Honor Card with First Day show cancel.
IPPDS&E NAPEX 10 x 8 inches
F1983F Balpex 1983 -- George Washington / Maryland State House $15.00
F1984A NAPEX 1984. Two vignettes of Washington on horseback plus the Capitol
10 x 8 inches
F1984A-LDC NAPEX 1984. Two vignettes of Washington on horseback plus the Capitol
10 x 8 inches Last Day cancellation
F1985D IPPDS&EU 81st Convention. Large eagle vignette, black
11.5 x 9 inches, OVERSIZE
F1986A Bank Note Engravers Guild "Wiram 50th Anniversary" card, 1986
9 x 7 inched (1350 printed)
F1986F Bank Note Engravers Guild of New York, three vignettes
10 x 8 inches (343 printed)
F1987A 82nd IPPDS&EU Convention Train card (different vignettes) in blue (page 1 of 2) $20.00
F1987B 82nd IPPDS&EU Convention Train card (different vignettes) in brown (page 2 of 2) $20.00
F1987E IPPDS & E 13th Biennial International Conventon, May 1987. Union Folder
Six pages with engravings. Engravings vary in size. Plus 9 pages of text.
Click on thumbnail to see full size scan.






Not cataloged
F1987Fa International Convention of IPPDS&E Union with tribute to James Donegan Jr. Only 150 printed.
The cover (F1987Fa), at left, measures 6 1/4 x 8 inches.
The 5 x 7 inch innner folder -F 1987F(b) is actually two-sided, and the portrait (F1987Fc)is 5 x 7 inches.
F1987G 82nd IPPDS&E Convention large train card, six vignettes on one card.
330 printed, OVERSIZE 11x14 inches.
F1988A Bank Note Printers, DES Guild of New York, three vignettes, printed in green.
10 x 8 inches
F1988C IPPDS&EU 95th Anniversary card Four vignettes in black (2,000 made) $35.00

F1988D-G MANA 1988 -- Train vignettes (Sold as a four card set).
Click on the thujbnail to see full sized image. F1988D at left. 8 x 6 inches

F1989H "Beech" card reprint (500 printed) 10 x 8.5 inches $75.00
F1989I MANA 1989 -- Eagle on shield in black (1000 printed) 6 x 8 inches $25.00
F1990A MANA 1990 18th Annual Convention.
Printing is on folder. Folder measures 9 7/8 x x7 7/8 inches.
Two vignettes of eagles.


NAPEX 1990 Logo on front, printing inside. 500 printed.
Click here to see inside.
F1990C NAPEX 1990 Logo on front, printing inside, with Show Cancel. 500 printed.
Click here to see inside.
F1990F Bank Note Engravers Guild of NY card. Printed in blue with three vignettes: waterfall, worker & NY skyline. 1990
10.75 x 8.25 inches
F1991B International Association of Siderographers. 42nd Biennial Convention. 8 x 10 inches,
Vignette of crossed flags over earth
F1991C GENA 1991 -- Eagle/Indian/Seal/Harvest/Streetcar (1500 printed) (with folder) 10 x 8 inches $12.00
F1991G MANA engraving of ship, October 18-20, 1991 10 x 8 inches $10.00
F1992A SCCS 1992 Annual Meeting card -- Trolley in blue $25.00
F1992B MANA 40th Anniversary engraving of woman with book and globe. 10 x 8 inches $10.00
F1993A GENA 1993 -- Seated woman with sword and shield vignette $10.00
F1993B IPPDS&EU 100th Anniversary card in green. 8.5 x 9 inches $30.00
F1993G SCCS 1993 Annual Meeting card -- Farming vignette. $25.00
SCCS 1993 Annual Meeting card -- Farming vignette, Inverted vignetteERROR $250.00
F1994B SCCS 1994 Annual Meeting card -- Elk in park in brown $20.00
F1995A SCCS NAPEX 1995 Annual Meeting card -- Capitol building in black $25.00


Starfish Foundation for Children with AIDS -- Starfish/logo/text, multicolor.
Includes the Souvenir Card at left, plus The Starfish Foundation tri-fold brochure,
Program for the event (with engraving of child, in blue) and page of artist credits.
Click here to see Program
F1995C IPPDS & E 86th Conventon 1995. 5 pages with engravings plus three additional cards
with menu, etc. Click on thumbnail to see full size image. 
Franklin portrait (a), Blue 1 and buildings (b), Purple 25 & portraits (c), Red Philadelphia (d), Thank You & Carpenter Hall (e)

F1997A IPPDS&E Union 87th
F2000A NAPEX 2000, Engraving of Liberty in clouds. (See B230 for same vignette)
The United States Stamp Society 70th Anniversary
F2000B Bureau Issues Assoc., 70th Anniv., June 2, 2000
Engraving of Liberty in clouds. (See B230 for same vignette)


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