During the Civil War, the demands upon the Federal Treasury led to the Revenue Act of 1862. This act provided
for revenue stamps to be affixed to boxes & packages of matches, proprietary medicines, perfumes, playing cards
and certain documents. Unlike other revenue stamps, the manufacturerrs were permitted to design and produce
plated for their exclusive use.

Due to the fact that these stamps were often damaged or destroyed to open and use the product, finding high
quality stamps in this group is difficult. Consult the Scott Specialized Catalog for more information.

Select from the categories below:

(RO) -- Private Die Match Stamps, Part 1

(RP) -- Private Die Canned Fruit Stamp
(No stock of this stamp)

(RS) -- Private Die Medicine Stamps, Part 1
(RS) -- Private Die Medicine Stamps, Part 2

(RT) -- Private Die Perfumery Stamps

(RU) -- Private Die Playing Card Stamps

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