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The pages listed here were generated from catalog and other listings. Generally, if there is a photo, we do have the item in stock,
and we have multiples of many of the items. Show Cancels and Visitor Center Cancels are available for many of the issues. We
have not differentiated Show vs VC cancels. Please check with us for availability of cancelled items. As time permits, we will be
updating the listing to indicate items not available (NA) and missing inventory.
All sales are subject to stock on hand. See pricing info at bottom of page.

Special Note: I would like to express my gratitude to the
Souvenir Card Collectors Society (SCCS). Thanks expecially to Greg
for assistance in identifying and organizing many of the cards.
You can find them at the hyperlink below:

Philatelic Souvenir Cards
These cards were issued as souvenirs of philatelic or numismatic events, and distributed by the POD/USPS or the BEP. They were produced by the International Plate Printers, Die Stampers and Engravers Union. Cards have a philatelic theme and most bear reproductions of U.S. stamp designs.

The 1939 Philatelic Truck Souvenir Sheet was the forerunner to the Souvenir Cards. They were issued by the POD and distributed in cities visited by the Philatelic Truck.

#SC1 - SC100 (1954-1984)

#SC101 - SC172 (1985-2015)

Numismatic Souvenir Cards
This section has cards with numismatic themes like fractional currency, paper money or similar illustrations. Cards showing both stamps and money are listed in the philatelic section.

#NSC1 - NSC69 (1969-1993)

#NSC70 - NSC127 (1994-2014)

Bureau of Engraving and Printing
This section lists Souvenir Cards not found in the two heading above. There is some overlap of the three lists, so you will see gaps in the
numbering. Consult the current issue of the Brookman Catalog for a cross-reference list, or message me.

#B35 - B308 (1976-2013)

American Bank Note Co., Archive Series & More
From 1987 to 1992, The American Bank Note Company produced a series of vignette sheets ready to be framed
for display in your office or home. Each vignette sheeh has an accompanying data sheet relating to each engraving.
Click on the link below to see information and a scan of each page.

Archive Series, 1987 to 1992 -- "Fine Art of Finance"

ABNC, BEP, NBNC & other Engravings & Proofs

American Bank Note Company Souvenir Cards
This listing is from the Brookman Catalog. Each Souvenir Card here has a "SO" prefix indicating that they are semi-official cards.

#SO 1 - SO 75 (1966-1991)

#SO 76 - SO 159 (1991-1996)

Forerunner, Plate Printers Union & Others
This is a 'catch-all grouping for Souvenir Cards that do not fit into the above groups. These include: Soiuvenir Card
Collectors Society (SCCS), SCCS Metro (M), Federal Managers Association (FM) and others.

Forerunner, Page ONE

Forerunner, Page TWO

Souvenir Card Collectors Society

Duck Souvenir Cards & Related

UNKNOWN Souvenir Cards -- PLEASE HELP!
I have put many hours in organizing, researching and photographing Souvenir Cards and similar collectibles. This section has scans and
descriptions of items that I cannot find. I welcome any assistance you may give to help me catalog these items.
My name is Tom Lynch and you can reach me at
Thanks in advance.

Unknown Souvenir Cards - to be identified-Page 1

Unknown Souvenir Cards - to be identified-Page 2

Commemorative Panels
The USPS started issuing commemorative panels in 1972. Each panel is devoted to a separate issue and includes unused examples of
the stamp or stamps, normally a block of four. Engravings and information on the stamps are included on the panels.

Through 1993, the panels were issued with a protective sleeve. Panels with the sleeve command a 10-25% higher price.
Starting in 1994, the USPS panels are shrink wrapped in plastic with a cardboard backing.
The panel should be removed from the plastic, as the plastic shrinks and will bend the panel.
Prices after 1994 are for panels without the plastic. Starting in 1996, some panels contain two pages.
The first one is for text and engravings with the second one for the oversized block or mini sheet of stamps.

If you do not see commemorative panels illustrated or listed, we will respond quickly to your request for pricing and availability of these items.

Listing coming soon.

Souvenir Pages
These are post office new-issue announcement bulletins for stamps.
They typically include a photo of the stamp, information about it and the
actual stamp tied by a first day of issue cancellation.
The page may include a single stamp, block or booklet pane.
Souvenir Pages 1 to 295 (1960-1972) are folded examples. In 1972, the USPS began issuing
“Official” Souvenir pages by subscription, and these are priced for copies that were never folded.

Listing coming soon.

Common Abbreviations:

ABNC: American Bank Note Company
ANA: American Numismatic Association
APS: American Philatelic Society
ASD: American Stamp Dealers Association
BEP: Bureau of Engraving and Printing
FUN: Florida United Numismatists
IPMS: International Paper Money Show
POD: United States Post Office Department
USPS: United States Postal Service

The prices listed are current catalog prices from Scott Catalog and Brookman (for items not listed in Scott.)
Customers can take a discount of 20% off any item from the SC, NSC, B, SO, Forerunner & Duck.
The American Bank Note Archival Series is net priced on that page.
Other items are prices at NET, as indicated.
Ask for pricing on items without price or priced at $0.00.


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