by Hamilton King

Artist, Hamilton King, produced a series of post cards and art cards circa 1906-1909.
These cards were very popular and remain a popular vintage collectible. The first twenty
items in the selection below are standard postcards, some have been used. The remaining entries
are the larger art cards, frequently associated with tobacco ads.
The post cards are standard and measure 86 x 140mm.
The art cards measure larger: 150 x 204 mm.

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Image-1 Image-2 Item # Description Condition Price
HK0001 Atlantic City Girl Grade 3 $25.00
HK0002 Ashbury Park Girl Grade 4 $22.00
HK0003 Ashbury Park Girl Grade 3  1907 written on front $25.00
HK0004 Ashbury Park Girl Grade 2 $25.00
HK0005 Bar Harbor Girl Grade 4 $22.00
HK0006 Bar Harbor Girl Grade 3 $25.00
HK0007 Cape May Girl Grade 3  1909 Post mark $25.00
HK0008 Cape May Girl Grade 3 $25.00
HK0009 Coney Island Girl Grade 2 $25.00
HK0010 Larchmont Girl Grade 2 $25.00
HK0011 Larchmont Girl Grade 3 $25.00
HK0012 Lone Branch Girl Grade 3 $25.00
HK0013 Manhattan Beach Girl Grade 3 1907 Post mark $25.00
HK0014 Manhattan Beach Girl Grade 4 1907 Post mark $22.00
HK0015 Narragansett Pier Girl Grade 4 $22.00
HK0016 Narragansett Pier Girl Grade 4 $22.00
HK0017 Newport Girl Grade 2 $25.00
HK0018 Ocean Grove Girl Grade 3 $25.00
HK0019 Palm Beach Girl Grade 3 $25.00
HK0020 Palm Beach Girl Grade 2 $25.00
HK0021 Turkish Trophies #14, Up to Date Ping Pong Girl Very Fine with slight corner wear $25.00
HK0022 Turkish Trophies #14, Up to Date Ping Pong Girl Good condition with corner creases & edge tear mended with tape $15.00
HK0023 Turkish Trophies #16, A Quiet Game Fine condition.  Wear on corners & small tear mended with tape. $18.00
HK0024 Turkish Trophies #17, Monte Carlo Girl Very Fine with crease in one corner & minor stains on back $22.00
HK0025 Turkish Trophies #21, Only a Mouse Good condition.  Pinhole and one corner damaged.  Back is clean $14.00
HK0026 Turkish Trophies #24, A Popular New York Soubrette Very Fine.  Bright colors.  Minor aging on back $25.00
HK0027 Turkish Trophies #24, A Popular New York Soubrette Fine condition.  Pinhole and minor corner wear.  Yellow stain on back. $20.00
HK0028 Turkish Trophies #34, Ocean Grove Girl Very Good.  Two pinholes, one corner crease & slight discoloration to front. $16.00
HK0029 Turkish Trophies #36, Long Branch Girl Good.  Pinhole and edge wear.  Minor scratches on front.  Text on back. $20.00


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