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Specialty and Novelty Decks

Unless noted, each deck contains the standard 52 cards plus 2 Jokers.
Most of the decks of cards are in excellent, like new condition, with many in original sealed packs.
As noted, we my have multiple decks of some designs.

There are some unusual or novelty decks listed at the end of the table below.

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Image-1 Image-2 Item # Description & Condition Price
CA0068 This is an unusual deck of cards, in that there are 4
face cards for each suit, and the pip cards do not seem complete.
The deck includes 21 numbered cards with designs, Joker
Diamonds & Hearts: A-2-3-4, N-J-Q-K
Clubs & Spades: 7-8-9-10, N-J-Q-K
The pip cards do not have the numeral printed.
View PIP cards, View back & Joker, View BOX,
  CA003 Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards.
Includes instructions: How to Tell Fortunes.
Like new. c. 1920s
CA98 Intelligence Agency of USA Deck.
This deck was printed in 2003, shortly after the invasion of Iraq,
Each card has a photo of Saddam Staff captured by the US-led
Coallition Forces. The deck is unused, sealed in the original
CA100 Birds and Flowers Deck by Bon Air Collectibles
1991 Virginia Hobby Supply. Each of the 50 cards is from
the 1982 popular sheet of State Birds and Flowers. The back
has state information, as pictured at left.
We have multiple decks, all unused.
View BOX
CA105 Apotheken Deck by Ringelhan & Rennett
This is a deck of 32 cards plus one Joker. Each suit has cards
7 to 10 + B-D-K and Ace. (Pinochle?)
The cards are in new conditon and come in a vinyl folding case.
View BOX

Pilgrim Pictorial Deck
This deck originally contained 52 cards with 4 groups:
A, B, C and D with cards numbered 1-13 in each group.
The cards are well worn and have a topical photograph and
text description on each card. There are five cards missing:
A-1, A-4, B-5, D-1 and D-8. There is no box.

CA114 Famous Cities - A Happy Families Game
Deck No. 287 from Piatnik, Vienna, Austria.
The deck consists of 36 cards - nine countries with four
pictures from each country. There is also a card with instrucions
for the game. The come in a durable sliding storage box.
The cards are like new and appear never used.
View BOX
CA120 Ukiyo-E Playing Cards, Tokyo, Japan.
This c. 1960 deck of 52 cards + 2 Jokers has a different
Nishiki-e print on each card. They are very elegant. The deck
is like new. There is an information sheet printed in English
with Japanese on the back. The storage box has a cloth tie.
View BOX, View INFO Sheet
CA122 Game of Flags (No. 1111)
Copyright 1896 The U.S. Playing Card Co.
The deck consists of 52 cards with 13 letters - A to M and
four cards for each letter. The p lay is somilar to the Famous
Cities deck above. From the designs of the flags on the cards,
it appears this deck dates to around the 1940s. In addition to
the deck there is a Crown Card, Instruction Card and a list
of other games offered by the company. They come in the
original storage box. View BOX
CA127 1934 A Century of Progress, Chicago
This is a deck of 52 cards plus one Joker. Each card has a
black & white photo from the 1934 Century of Progress
expositon in Chicago, IL.The cards do not have the slippery
feel of plastic coated cards, but are in near new condition.
The name of the distributor is printed on the back of box.
CA128 Century of Progress Playing Cards, 1933
This is a deck of 52 cards plus one Joker and an extra
Sky Ride information card that can serve as a Joker.
From the Arrco Playing Card Company, the Joker and
Ace of Spades have the 1933 Century of Progress Logo.
This is a must-have item from the 1933 Worlds Fair.
Includes a durable storage box. View BOX
CA134 View second ser of cards, View BOX  


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