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Standard and some Novelty Decks

Unless noted, each deck contains the standard 52 cards plus 2 Jokers.
Most of the decks of cards are in excellent, like new condition, with many in original sealed packs.
With the sealed decks, we cannot insure that there are 2 jokers included.
As noted, we my have multiple decks of some designs. The best available will be
supplied with your order.

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Image-1 Image-2 Item # Description & Condition Price
  CA001 Benson and Hedges 100s
Sealed pack in plastic case
  CA002 Parliment Cigarettes Playing cards
Two decks, red and blue backs with logo.
One is sealed, the other open.
Like new condition
  CA004 Virginia Slims Playing Cards, 1985
Double deck. Packs have been opened, but are like new.
  CA007 Delta Air Lines Playing Cards
by Brown & Bigelow.
Back design of ladies in gowns. Like new.
  CA008 Pinochle Playing Cards
Gift of American Red Cross
For Use of U.S. Government, Permit No. 1
Very Good condition
  CA009 Great Northern Railway Playing Cards
Double Deck with Indian design on backs
Jokers have photo of train.
Used. One damaged card-tape repair
  CA0012 Veedol Playing Cards
by F X Schmid (German)
This is a deck of Deck of 32: 7 to K + A, each suit.
CA0064 Gatorade Playing Cards
Made by United States Playing Card Co.
The deck is new, sealed in plastic.
CA0065 Merit Industries Inc. Playing Cards
This standard deck is new, sealed in plastic.
View box FRONT, View BACK
CA0066 Printemps Parisian Department Store Playing Cards
The deck is new, sealed in plastic. Made in France.
Deck of 52 plus 2 jokers.
View BOX
CA0067 Swiss theme playing cards.
This double deck is new with each deck sealed
in original wrapper. There is no box.
CA0069 The Stage Playing Cards, No. 65x
Gold Edges, Copyright 1896 by
The US Playing Card Co. The deck contains 52 cards
plus one Joker. The Aces and face cards contain photos
of popular stage actors and actresses. Cards are on heavier
than normal stock. The cards show only slight wear.
The box (Clikd to View) is in poor shape.
View design of ACES
CA0070 Braniff International Playing Cards
Whittman Co. Printed in USA.
The deck of 52 plus 2 Jokers in in excellent condition
except for corner crease on Ace of Spades.
View BOX
Souvenir Playing Cards
Designed and Printed in British Hong Kong.
This standard deck of 54 cards has the Confederate
Flag design and is new, sealed in original package.
View box FRONT, View BACK
CA0072 Golden Lights Cigarette Playing Cards
made by the US Playing Card Co.
This is a standard deck of 52 Plus 2 Jokers.
The box is open, but cards are like new with
original slippery feel. View BOX
CA0073 Annie Oakley Playing Cards
Courtesy of Circus World Museum
printed by Whitman Co. The deck is in well used
condition with surface wear.
No box present.
CA0074 CMI Corporation Playing Cards.
The deck is new with original sealed deck.
View BOX
CA0075 Remington Playing Cards
First in the Field. We have multiple decks available.
The deck is standard 54 cards, by the Hoyle Products Co.
The decks are new, sealed in original material (except one).
CA0079 International Construction Equipment Playing Cards
Double deck, mint and still sealed.
Includes plastic box and cardboard sleeve
View box COVER, View box NOTE
CA0080 Diamond International Corporation Playing Cards
Double deck, mint and still sealed.
Comes with sliding drawer presentation box.
View box FRONT, View BACK
CA0081 Gerber Playing Cards
Double deck, mint decks, Red deck still sealed.
Cardboard storage box
View box FRONT, View BACK
Honeywell Company Digital Playing Cards
Double deck in near new conditon with little wear.
Decks of 52 + Joker. Info cards serve as second Joker
Cards are in escellent condition, except 4 of the Dragon deck
have some edge damage that should diminish with use.
View card backs, View BOX
CA0083 Marlboro Wild WEst Playing Cards
Double deck with 2 jokers each.
In good condition, but well used. No creases/folds.
Includes sliding cardboard storage box.
View card backs, View BOX
CA0084 Aircraft Recognition Playing Cards
Graphic Training Aid #44-2-10, October 1979
Distribution to U.S. Army Training Aids Centers.
It is a standard deck of 52 + 1 joker + 3 blank cards
Cards are in 'like new' condition.
Click to View Package
CA0085 J & B Rare Scotch Playing Cards
This double deck is new with original seal.
They come in a well-made cedar storage box.

Platnik Vienna Playing Cards, Made in Austria
This is a double deck of cards and includes 3 jokers with each deck.
The cardboard storage box is numbered #2169.
The face cards are of people in regional costume.
Cards are like new with original slippery feel. The box includes a
20-page booklet of instructions for common card games.
View card backs, View BOX Front, View BACK
CA0088 Riviera Playing Cards
Standard double deck of 52 cards with no Jokers
Cards are in good condition, with some use.
Pretty model on each deck, Includes cardboard storage box.
View package
CA0068 This is an unusual deck of cards, in that there are 4
face cards for each suit, and the pip cards do not seem complete.
The deck includes 21 numbered cards with designs, Joker
Diamonds & Hearts: A-2-3-4, N-J-Q-K
Clubs & Spades: 7-8-9-10, N-J-Q-K
The pip cards do not have the numeral printed.
View PIP cards, View back & Joker, View BOX,
  CA003 Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards.
Includes instructions: How to Tell Fortunes.
Like new. c. 1920s


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