BOXES - Tin, Wood, Etc.
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Boxes and such for Tobacco, Coffee and more.

Item: TN2-BS1
Balkan Sobraine Cigarettes
14.2x10.2x4.8 cm
There are a few scratches, but
the cover fits fine and hinge
works well. Large size to
hold 100 cigarettes.
Inside view

Item: TN2-CL1
Climax Plug Tobaccp
8.3x4.3x1.1 cm
Hinged tin opens easily
Shows surface wear, but
tin is in good condition.

Item: TN2-CO1
Coronation Cigarettes
14 x 11 x 3.5 cm
This tin is in great shape with
only minor scratches and no
significant dents. Hinge
work well. Clean and shiny
inside. View Inside
Another Inside View

Item: TN2-DB1
Dill's Best Sliced
Some surface aging. Hinge
works well
Price: $
Item: TN2-DP1
Dan Patch Cut Plug
15.5x10x8 cm
Other than a few minor scratches
and normal wear, this can is in
great shape. Hinge functions well.
Item: TN2-EB1
Bird's Eye Smoking Tobacco
11.3x8.5x5.6 cm
Great shape with small scratches
Hinge works easily. Printing
inside cover and World's Columbian Expo
stamped into bottom.
View Front View Inside
Item: TN2-FA1
Fatogo Crushed Plug
6.8 x 3.5 x 10 cm
Paper label has some scratches
Can is in generally good
condition. Small door at top
for pouring out tobacco.

Item: TN2-GR1
Golden Rule Tobacco Sign
This 13 x 6 inch sign would be
perfect for wall or window.
Surface is in great shape.
Item: TN2-GS1
Surbrug's Golden Scepter
This tin shows normal wear
and top opens easily.
See back
Item: TN2-HE1
Helme Quality Snuff
Dia: 4.5cm, 5.8cm high
This can has no label. Only
the imprint on top to identify.
Can opens easily. Good shape
Item: TN2-IC1
Inter-collegiate Mixture
11.3x8.5x5.8 cm
Hinge opens easily. Some
wear and paint chips.
Printing inside cover.
View inside

Item: TN2-KE1
E.F. Kemp Salted Mixed Nuts
Tin in generally good shape wiht
some small dents on cover.

Item: TN2-KY1
Kybo Coffee - Half Pound Can
8cm diameter, 14,7cm tall
Can is in good condition with
minor scratches. Clean inside
Opens easily

Item: TN2-LL1
Swift's Lamb Livers
Dia: 7.5 inches, 8.5 inches tall
This pail is old and has an
abundance of dents, etc.
The cover fits poorly as
rim is out of round.
There is about a 1 inch hole
in bottom from rust. Unique!

Item: TN2-MB1
Main Brace Cut Plug
4.5 in. dia, 5.5 in. tall
Front is clean with significant
scratches on back. Top
fits snugly. See back

Item: TN2-PL1
11.2x8.2x2.8 cm
There is some surface wear.
Hinge works fine.
See inside
Item: TN2-SA1
Sandersons English Tea
This tin has clock built into can.
Runs on one AA battery.
Brochure included
See inside

Item: TN2-SJ1
St. James Mixture
14 x 8 x 6 cm
The seam is loose, and edge
lip of can is slightly bent.
Although there is surface wear,
the can is readable. Inside cover,
the paper is intact. View inside

Item: TN2-SQ1
Squibb Sodium Bicarbonate
6.5x4.5x6.2 cm
Minor dents, some rust

Item: TN2-SS1
Dia: 4.5cm, 6cm high
This can of snuff has NEVER been
opened. Sealed with 1.5oz tax stamp
See top See back
Item: TN2-TC1
Three Castles Cigarettes
This tin is in good condition with
only minor scratches on outside.
Writing inside cover. View
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