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This Scott album contains Scott Specialty pages for 1855 through 2014. Issues through 1975 are mostly used with some mint (occasionally NH in mounts) included. From 1976 to 2008, the album is quite full of mostly MNH issues including several souvenir sheets and lots of booklets. (2001 to 2004 issues are weak.) There are some semi-postal and official issues. The album finished with about a dozen postal cards & stationery, a couple with first day cancellations.
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This is a huge Sott 2-post album with pages for Poland & the
Baltic States. The Baltic States have been moved to their own book in this collection of albums. The Poland years to 1959 are sparsely populated with mostly used stamps. From 1959 to 1974 is a mix of mint, NH, and used stamps. Starting with 1975, the issues are mostly mint and this goes through 2001. Issues from 1980-84 are sparse and there are no stamps in the album after 2001.
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This is a Scott Binder with Scott pages for semi-Postal and Airmail stamps from Romania from This album must be the second volume from a collection as there are no regular postage issues. The Semi-Postals are all mint with most stamps in hingeless mounts. The airmail issues are mixed mint & include several souvenir sheets. Included also are postage dues and Postal Tax stamps. This is a nice album with lots of difficult to find items.
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Stamps through 1947 are sparse and mostly used with an occasional
mint issue. The 1948-1972 pages have more stamps, and are a mix of mint NH and used. After 1972, the stamps are mostly MNH. There are no back of book issues, as this album is continued with RUS 002 in this series.
This album is well organized and a great starting place for a collector interested in Russia.
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RUS 002

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This Scott 2-post album contains Russia pages from 1982-2006. The stamps are all mint, NH from 1982 to 2001 and includes many souvenir sheets & mini sheets. I estimate that the album is more than 90% complete for those dates. It was assembled with care using hingless mounts.
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This Scott 2-post album contains Stamps of Sweden from 1850s through May 2016. The early pages through 1977 are mostly used, hinged with occasoinal MNH issues. Starting wiht 1977 and going through 2016, the stamps are almost all MNH including many booklet panes, booklets, souvenir sheets and coil stamps. There are a few semi-postal issues, but the end of the album contains several test stamps and nine stock pages with what look like duplicate issues, all MNH. There seem to be lots of little extras included in this book.
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This Scott 2-post album contains Stamps of Switzerland from
1843 to early 2016
. The early issues, to 1945 are mostly used
with occasional mint issues mixed in. The 1946-1965 pages
are a mix of used and MNH items. 1965 through 2015 are
all mint issues including many souvenir sheet and some
specialty issues. This includes a huge section of semipostal
stamp issues. There are a few other back of book issues.
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This Scott 2-post album contains Switzerland pre-stamped
cards and envelopes from about 1999 to 2015.
There are over
160 pieces in this album. Over two-thirds of the items are mint
postcards and envelopes and the balance are First Day presentation folders with commemorative stamps.
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